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The partnership

World leader in axles for trailers and semi-trailers.

The partnership

Our development and production capabilities and their application capability on axles and distribution.

BPW was founded in 1898 in Germany and has always been committed to the research, development and production of sustainable, efficient and safe solutions for transport and logistics.

With 7,000 employees, it now boasts a turnover of 1.4 billion euros, making it the world leader in trailer and semi-trailer axles.

Great Possibilities

Thanks to their extensive sales network and production facilities in 50 countries, our system can be sold almost worldwide. BPW has also established state-of-the-art testing and validation laboratories to support research and development.


Retrosystem's entry into BPW stemmed from their need to find an effective solution to control the steering of their axles and our need to extend our market. Together we have been able to meet the needs of major customers throughout Europe, thanks to our development and production capacity and the application and distribution capabilities of BPW, which has integrated our system into its axles.


We work in synergy to develop new solutions and applications for our systems, testing them in BPW facilities under the supervision of engineers from both companies.

Working methods of a large company

Thanks to this collaboration, we have been able to adopt the methods and working procedures of a large multinational company such as BPW to the benefit of product quality and our working methods, while retaining the advantages of a small company: autonomy, attention, personal relations, flexibility and speed.